How to Style Your Table Using Items Around the Home

When hosting, it’s important to keep things fun! Hosting is an opportunity to tap into your creative side and cultivate the type of vibe you want for your friends and family. There are many factors to consider when cultivating a vibe such as lighting, music, scents, food and tablescape. While this may sound daunting, take a moment before you rush to add items to cart and look around your home. One of our favorite hosting tricks is utilizing items from around the home and kitchen to style the table. Here are a few ways that we do this:

1. Candles

We love adding candles to our table. Candles are a perfect way to engage all the senses in order to cultivate the exact mood you’re going for. Grabbing candles from around your home and incorporating them to your table is simple yet adds a lot to the ambiance. We like to play around with candle styles and scents depending on the vibe we are trying to create. For example, if we are hosting a dinner party, we may use candlesticks and incorporate woody scents. If we’re setting the table for a daytime event, we may add fresh scents such as citrus, eucalyptus or lemon.

2. Flowers

Adding flowers seems so simple yet it really goes a long way. It is a perfect way to freshen up your table while adding a pop of color to the room. We like to incorporate different vases from around the house depending on the tablescape we are trying to create. We also like to use colorful pitchers as vases as another way to add color and life to the table.

3. Produce or items in nature

You don’t need to go far or break the bank to find items to decorate your tablescape. Your kitchen may be equipped with everything you need. Using seasonal produce is another simple way to elevate your tablescape. For example, if you’re creating an al fresco tablescape you can add items such as lemons, grapefruit, oranges and artichokes. During the holiday season you can add pumpkins, acorns, squash and tree trimmings. Adding these items to decorative bowls or directly to the table is easy and adds a nice touch to your table.

4. Mason jars

Mason Jars might be the most useful household product- what other product can store your overnight oats, be used to drink water, store your leftovers and be used as décor? Adding items such as flowers and produce into our mason jars is so simple yet really adds to your tablescape. We also like to take it a step further by tying ribbon or yarn to the mason jar.

5. Ribbon or yarn

Another simple yet effective trick is to add ribbon/yarn to your tablescape. Tying your flatware and napkins using yarn or ribbon adds a nice touch and is so simple to do. We also like to use the ribbon/yarn to tie bows around mason jars and vases.