Our Story

As sisters and best friends, we have always dreamt of building something together that we are both equally passionate about. 

On our annual sister trip, we went to Italy, which is where the inspiration for Piano Piano struck. During our trip we found ourselves feeling truly alive and present and wondered why we sought out vacations to feel this way. After taking a life-changing cooking class and getting to know the amazing chef and her family, the idea for Piano Piano originated. We wanted to build a brand that inspires others to gather together, feel alive and be present every day and thought what better way to do this than over the table?

Once the idea came to us, we were absolutely obsessed! The itinerary for the trip was immediately scrapped and we were on a mission to make our new business become a reality. After speaking to local shop owners and gathering information about the ceramics in Italy, we were pointed in the direction of Vietri sul Mare. We booked a ferry and were off in search of beautiful ceramics and a potential manufacturer. Fortunately, we were truly guided in our search and found just that.

For the past year, we have worked together on building this brand with every decision coming back to the intention of coming alive, living slowly and being present. We’re so excited to see how Piano Piano unfolds and more importantly, we can’t wait to see how it enhances you and your daily life.